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success stories


what our clients have to say

Our integrated approach to holistic health treats the "whole" person, not simply symptoms and disease. We are here for your wellbeing and care deeply for everyone that comes through our door.  Here are some of the things that our clients have had to say about working with us. 



"By appearances, I came to Angela as a healthy person. But the truth is the Hashimoto’s I was diagnosed with in 2013 was wreaking havoc on my physical, mental and emotional state. Angela conducted weekly Nutritional Response Testing (NRT) on my body and with the results advised diet changes and a supplement regiment. In twelve weeks of following her coaching I witnessed a complete turnaround in my health. I found my  anxiety has drastically lessened; I began experiencing sleep without interruption; my hand tremors have subsided, my menstrual cycle has regulated; I feel more alert and most noteworthy my hair loss has stopped and my bald patches are filling in. From my first appointment with Angela I appreciated her evident passion for the work; her value for transparency; her commitment to listening to me and her overall desire to not mask the symptoms but instead do-away with them. My campaign for full health is not complete with Angela but I have never felt more optimistic and in control of my well being. All thanks to Angela and her steadfast knowledge and knack for health."



"Angela is awesome to work with! I have been working with her for over a year now and I have gained a great deal of energy and am just feeling better overall. She is a wealth of knowledge!!!"



"SMILE = HEALING ADRENALS This little bottle has been quite the game changer for my health over the last year and a half. My nutritionist Angela has been exactly the person I needed in my life to help me figure out how to heal my adrenals.

I tapped out my adrenal glands from a season of powerlifting, intense dieting to compete and stress in my life back in 2013. I could never recover on my own from continuing to compete and from some hard valleys I had to get through.

By February of 2015, I decided to reach out to Angela and pleaded for help. My adrenal fatigue was hitting a new low and I couldn't recover from even a simple workout. She's been my rock through a lot and focused on what parts of my body were fighting to see what natural supplements could give me what I needed to truly treat the problem. I'm so glad I'm not on prescribed meds that just numb the symptom or put a bandaid on the situation. It's taken close to 18 months with this supp called DRENAMIN, a good healthy diet and NO WORKOUTS...yes I said no workouts for me to start feeling better and my body is producing energy on its own again.

The healing process isn't over yet, but with each week that I feel better and have a smile on my face I can see the progress and it feels great!"



"I was referred to Angela 2.5 years ago for Nutritional Response Testing. I had a skeptical and narrow focus, but couldn't resist Ang’s confident and persistent approach! She developed a food, supplement and personal training plan unique to my needs and over time - I slept better; I felt less stress; after experiencing asthma attacks my entire life, my asthma STOPPED. I felt in control and realized what 'health' felt like. Every minute I spend with Ang; I see and feel her passion, I reap the benefits of her loyalty, I soak up her ever-evolving knowledge, and am motivated to choose and control how I feel."


"I came across Better Wellness by accident, and when reading a testimonial from a client, I decided to reach out to Angela and give things a try.  I was a bit skeptical at first as I had been struggling with Hashimoto's, low energy, fatigue and weight gain, but thought what did I have to lose?  I wanted to try a holistic approach and see if it would make a difference.  

During our first meeting Angela made me feel at ease, really took the time to get to know me and my story, and conducted Nutritional Response Testing to determine what was going on with my body.  Throughout this appointment as well as follow-up appointments, she explained things in great detail and always demonstrated a real passion and expertise for her work.  Fast forward to 4 months later, I have increased energy, minimal fatigue, weight loss, and best of all, my thyroid is starting to function again all because of Angela and the supplements she recommended to help my body heal!   I can't say enough great things about Better Wellness and I'm so glad I took a chance in reaching out to her.  Looking forward to continuing the healing process!"


"I have been struggling with Gastro Intestinal (GI) issues for well over a decade.  I went from one day being a super healthy, active person to almost an overnight switch having all sorts of problems. For over 2 years I went to see Dr's and GI specialists, I was scoped internally many times and they could find that I had done major damage to my system, but no one could figure out why or what to do about it. I was given so many different thoughts of what it might be and so many things to try and mask the discomfort, but nothing made sense or helped.  I was told while this continued into its second year that it was all in my head, but yet was dealing with track able but unexplainable symptoms such as crazy weight loss or gain in a span of 48 hours, major bloating that you could measure, popping noises from my stomach, very limited energy and I would have to be very careful when to eat because food was not my friend.

After 2 years of being a pin cushion and no closer to answers.  I knocked EVERYTHING out of my diet and would add in one new thing each week to see how my body would respond and stopped looking for answers
from Dr's.  I learned how to manage what worked best for my body, but my GI system during times of stress would fall apart.  If I overly exerted myself in exercise or ate something that my body did not like it could take over a month, just to get back to an ok state.  It was incredibly frustrating.  Here I was feeling better, but I knew I was not even close to feeling good.

I decided to meet with Angela, which keep in mind was a HUGE step since I was beyond tired of hearing all the things I was doing WRONG, but yet all the specialists recommendations did nothing to improve my health.

Angela was great!  We took a big chunk of time that first meeting to go over all my struggles and the health history.  There was no judgment on Angela's part or feeling like she knew my body better than I.  When she started testing items, I could tell what my body was responding to and what it wasn't.  Angela was open to any question and she was very aware that I was incredibly nervous to introduce something to my system because of all the years of my body reacting negatively to things.  When Angela figured out what my body wanted, I could tell that she was thinking outside the box because she tested one thing that she thought would work and my body did not respond well, but she decided to try the "children's" version and my body was

I can't say I woke up the next day feeling like a million bucks, but I can tell you within the first week I could tell my body was responding in a positive way.  If you have ever struggled with GI issues you probably have some guesses of the various ways I was feeling better. I have been seeing Angela for over a year and I'm really pleased how far my body has come.  When I am stressed, my system no longer falls apart.  I have been able to introduce back so many foods into my diet. My energy levels are so much better!  And I no longer need to worry at ALL when I eat.

It has been a long journey, but thank goodness I went out on the limb with Angela!  I can tell my body still has room to improve, but I am no longer fearful of how my body will react to every little thing, because if I do have a bad day (which are very rare at this point) my body will bounce right back.  Whereas in the past that could take well over a month.

Thanks to Angela I'm physically feeling MUCH better, which of course helps immensely how you feel mentally and emotionally!"


"For a few years now, I have been struggling with chronic dry eyes which caused constant pain behind the eyes. I had seen eye doctors more than six times looking for an answer. They did not know what to do for me other than eye drops. At that time, I was introduced to a free training on adrenals by Angela at Better Wellness. I learned methods to help my body heal. I wanted to further my healing, so I started seeing Angela as my health coach and found many aspects of healing.  I am so relieved to find that my eyes and body are recovering form the problems I’d been having. I have pain behind the eyes anymore and have restored tears as well as feeling so much better overall. Prescriptions mask the problems; Angela’s healing supplements restore the body. I am grateful I found this wonderful healing path that Angela provides."